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It began with a blank canvas...

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My name is Lorna and I am the founder of Bespoke Backdrops. As well as painting backdrops, I am also a full time professional photographer. Myself and my partner paint each backdrop by hand and only sell what I would be happy to work with myself in the studio.


Bespoke Backdrops began in 2014. I have a Fine Art academic background so it all began with experimenting with a couple of blank canvases. I soon learned that other photographers loved the backdrops as much as I did and the business grew from there. We started with one colour available in the UK only and now we ship worldwide and have over 25 colours to choose from!


Having a good knowledge of the processes involved in studio portraiture, I select appropriate paint to ensure minimal reflection and a complimentary range of tones and textures to offer the best result when photographing our backdrops.


We understand the desire to be different...

that's why each backdrop is hand painted,

giving you a unique piece of art.