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Before You Buy

Please read the information on this page carefully before placing your order. Thank you.




a) If you have ordered a backdrop from the ‘In Stock’ section of our shop, then this will be shipped to you within 2 working days from date of ordering. This is determined by the soonest courier service we can acquire which is also dependent on the time you have ordered.

b) If you have ordered a custom backdrop from the ‘Pre Oder’ section of our shop your backdrop will be hand painted to order. This process can take up to 6-8 weeks depending on our current order volume and the size of your order placed.


Once your backdrop has been painted, you will receive photographs taken of your backdrop(s). This is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your order before we ship it out to you. Please ensure that you have an up to date email address provided at checkout as this is how we will contact you.




Unless requested from you, we ship all of our backdrops folded. This saves a significant cost on shipping for those who prefer to keep the cost to a minimum. We offer a rolled service for sizes up to MEDIUM and this is at additional cost. There is an option for the UK as standard but for any other countries, please contact us for a quote.



We offer 3 different sizes of backdrops which are all painted on our new thick, robust and opaque canvas fabric. The thickness of the fabric means that we often encounter shrinkage from the swelling of the fabric and therefore we offer the following sizes.


SMALL – 5x4ft*

MEDIUM – 8X5ft*

LARGE – 11x8ft* (IMPORTANT: This size contains a subtle horizontal/vertical seam to enable us to achieve this large size)


*These sizes are our minimum standard so your backdrop will never be smaller than the sizes stated. It may occur however, that your backdrop is up to ½ a foot larger in some cases. This is something that is out of our control and cannot be requested.




When you receive your folded backdrop, the best way to remove initial creases is to hang the backdrop on a backdrop stand and apply steam to the back of the backdrop. Don’t be afraid to hold your steamer/iron close to the fabric to have maximum effect. Avoid doing this to the front of the design as this may affect the paint.




Once you have steamed your backdrop to remove creases, it’s then up to you how to store it. The beauty of our backdrops is that they can be folded so if you need to travel or have limited space, this is a great option. If you prefer to roll your backdrop around a pole, this is the preferred option for those who have the space.