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How long will it take to receive my backdrop?

If you have purchased a backdrop from our stock, we aim to ship your order the next working day. For any pre orders, we have a maximum production time of 8 weeks. It is often less than this, but in our busy periods may take us the maximum time.


Is the canvas you paint on durable?

We paint on heavy duty 9oz canvas which we find very durable for all type of studio work. The canvas is flexible enough to store folded, yet durable enough to hang rigid (unlike a curtain for example).


Can I wash my backdrop?

No. Unfortunately, due to the water based paint we use (to keep our designs non reflective) washing your backdrop would ruin the design.


How will my backdrop be shipped to me?

Standard shipping includes your backdrop being folded. Creases can be steamed out upon arrival. We do have an option to have your backdrop rolled for sizes up to 9x6ft. This is of course at a higher cost to our customers.


How do I remove creases from my backdrop?

Once you receive your backdrop, clip it to your backdrop stand to hang freely. Steam out any creases from the back of the backdrop. Ironing on an ironing board will not be productive. Simply puff steam out of your iron along the creases and watch them drop out.


What is the ordering process?

Select a colour and a size and you shall be guided through checkout. Once we have painted your backdrop, you will receive a colour balanced photograph of it for your approval. Your backdrop can then be shipped following your approval.


Can I receive my backdrop any quicker?

We have a particular system to painting our backdrops. Therefore, we cannot prioritise your order over any other customers. It is always worth getting in touch to see what colours we are painting that week as we tend to paint similar colours together in the workshop.


I can’t see my country on your shipping options...

We ship worldwide. If you see that your country isn’t listed on our shipping options, please do get in touch via our contact page.


What’s your returns policy?

For whatever reason, if you would like to return your backdrop you must ship it back UNUSED and in it’s original packaging. It is IMPORTANT that you ship it back folded as you received it as the design can be damaged if it’s folded in a different manner.


Will my backdrop be exactly like the images shown on the website?

Every backdrop is a one off piece of art. Although we use the same batch of paint for each colour, the texture and blending of colours will vary slightly. We love the fact that no two backdrops can ever be exactly the same...completely unique!